Please provide your correct ring size when ordering. The most accurate way to do this is to pop into your local jewellers and be sized professionally.

If its not possible to call at a jewellers, I can post out a plastic sizer to you. Bear in mind if you’re ordering a chunky ring, this will feel tighter than a slimmer ring. Also, your fingers change slightly when hot or cold so measure your finger when they feel at an average temperature.

If you’re purchasing for a gift, it is possible to measure the internal diameter of another ring which would fit on the required finger. Try to take as accurate a measurement as possible.

If the ring isn't the correct size, it can be resized once to fit free of charge plus postage. Any subsequent sizing will be done for a fee of £30 plus postage. However, ‘wrap’ or ‘coil’ rings can only be sized up due to the nature of the design.


Bangles are sized as small, medium or large. A soft tape measure can be used with a diameter of approx. 62mm for small, 67mm for medium and £72mm for large.